Etiquette For Teens

(Ages 13-18)

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As a parent who wants the very best future for your child, you know how important it is for your teenagers, whether preparing for college or the work force, to understand how to behave appropriately in different social situations. These are the soft skills that legacy children learn from a very early age because their parents understand the intrinsic value they afford them in their future endeavors.

Teenagers who incorporate basic etiquette and social skills into their daily lives create a more positive impression to their peers and the adults they interact with. These development skills open doors for them in the form of acceptance into select universities, enlarging their circle of friends to include peers that were also taught the value of manners and etiquette and job/career opportunities that they may not have been privy to otherwise.

The Royal American Etiquette Academy Etiquette for Teens Program makes it fun and easy for your child to learn these skills and to prepare them heading into their adult lives. Our motto is “Teaching Success Through the Power of Polite” and this is never more applicable then when it comes to catching our teens early before bad habits taught by uninformed peers have taken hold.

We have both a group program and individual one-to-one private training.

Why Your Teen Should Learn Etiquette and Manners

Teenagers who learn proper social skills, etiquette and manners will set them on a path for success in their future endeavors. They will increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, learn when and why to extend grace to others and help with improved harmony at home.

This will in turn create a perpetual positive loop of complements and ingratiating words from family, friends and strangers that will then boost your teen’s self-confidence and reinforce their desire to continue to develop these soft skills, putting them on a path to excel and thrive in life.

Program Curriculum

This class takes place for 6 weeks, one hour per week at our Raleigh locations.

Below is a list of the curriculum taught during our 6-Week and 6-Month Teen Etiquette Program. These are group or private lessons. The 6-Week Program moves at an accelerated pace while the 6-month program gives the student plenty of time to really practice and refine their newly acquired skills. For more information please contact us at 919-323-9780 or email us at

What they will learn:

  • First Impressions
  • Eye Contact
  • Posture
  • Social Skills
  • Digital Decorum
  • Why Appearance is Important
  • Phone Skills
  • Texting
  • How to Manage Their Online Presence
  • What They Should and Shouldn’t Post
  • Dining Skills/American vs. Continental
  • How to Properly Set a Table
  • How to Correctly Hold Cutlery
  • Napkin Etiquette
  • Thank You Etiquette
  • Conversational Skills (eliminating meaningless filler-words such as, “like”, “um” and “ya know”
  • Communication Skills
  • A Professional and Polished Handshake
  • Introducing Others Both Professionally and Casually/Socially
  • Job Skills
  • Job Interview Skills
  • Preparing for Your Job Interview

*The Royal American Etiquette Academy reserves the right to change curriculum as they see fit without notice.

Private or Group Training

6-Week Group Program – $189 (Due at time of Registration)
Private One-to-One In Office 6 -Week Training (1 hour a week for 6 weeks) – $649 (10% – $584 – discount if paid in full up front)

Payment Terms for Private 6 Week Training:

-10% Discount if paid in full at time of registration

-2 Payments of $324.50 – First due at time of registration and 2nd due at beginning of 4th week.

Private One-To-One In office 6 Month – Training (1 hour a week for 24 weeks – $2499 (10% discount – $2249 – if paid in full at time of registration)

***The 6 Month training is more in-depth where as the 6 week moves at a fairly good pace.***

Payment Terms for Private 6 Month (24 Weeks) Training:

-10% Discount if paid in full at time of registration

  • 6 Monthly payments of $415.60 due as follows: (First payment due at time of registration, second payment due at beginning of 5th week, third payment due at beginning of 9th weeks, fourth payment due at beginning of 13th week, fifth payment due at beginning of 17th week, and final payment due at beginning of week 20.)