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To Our Finishing School Course

Our finishing school is for professional adults from all walks of life; public figures, diplomats,
influencers, luxury retail staff, graduates, professionals and small business owners, all
looking to level up their image and presence.

This course is designed to help our clients make the most of themselves professionally, personally and social by increasing self-esteem and confidence. We will teach you how
to constantly present yourself at your very best.

Having the correct social and business etiquette, as well as a polished, curated image is an invaluable tool which can sometimes make the difference between winning or losing
the promotion or customer, or meeting the love of your life. Our courses include, but are not limited to, social etiquette, dining etiquette, image make-overs, deportment, international etiquette and protocol, confidence and charisma and social networking.

Our program offers a Finishing School that includes American as well as Continental Dining Etiquette training. Come to The Royal American Finishing School to learn to speak eloquently, demonstrate good manners, proper etiquette and how to present a polished image so you too can feel comfortable in any social situation both domestically and abroad.

Who is right for our Finishing Training?

We offer Finishing School training for the modern woman of all social-economic and cultural backgrounds. At Royal American we believe manners, style, grace, charisma and etiquette are more important than ever for success in business, career and relationships.  Success Through The Power of Polite is the backbone of The Royal American Etiquette Academy.

There is an ever growing number of high-net-worth, mega rich and nouveau riche clients across the globe. The Royal American Etiquette Academy training teaches women, from all walks of life as well as, spouses and young adult heirs, everything from proper dining protocols to introductions to how to interact with household staff.

Finishing School Curriculum

Below is a list of the curriculum taught during our One-Week Finishing School Intensive.

  • American and Continental Dining Etiquette
  • Formal Tea Etiquette
  • Social Networking Etiquette
  • Posture and Poise
  • Confidence and Charisma
  • Deportment
  • Manners
  • Grooming
  • Polished Image and Style
  • Sophisticated and Elegant Speech
  • Proper Introductions and Protocol
  • Cocktail Party Etiquette
  • Training on how to fit into high-society
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One-Week Group Training Intensive

The Royal American Finishing School is taught by the method of learn, apply and
practice with expert feedback. We want to be certain that when you leave at the end of
your five days with us, you are a better, more polished version of the person you were
when you arrived.

For this reason, this program is not offered online. As many of us have found out
through the past year, it is not the most effective method of teaching. This is an
interactive program where you practice what we teach you and you receive feedback
from us to continue perfecting and polishing your newly acquired skills.
Nothing can replace the hands-on practice and the constant feedback that makes for
amazing progress.

*The Royal American Academy reserves the right to change up curriculum as they see fit without notice.

$2400 USD (Due in full at time of Registration)

*Group Intensives are Limited to 12 people.

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Private, 1-to-1 Finishing School Training

If you would prefer to go through the Finishing School privately you have two options:


These private sessions would take place in our Raleigh location. They would be 3 hour private sessions. You would have the choice of meeting once a week for 12 weeks, twice a week for 6 weeks or three times a week for 4 weeks. The times and days of the sessions would be determined on an individual basis taking into account your schedule and ours.

Contact us at 919-323-9780 or hello@royalamericanetiquette to Register or for more information

$3600 USD

Payment Terms:

Payment in Full At Time of Registration – 10% Discount – $3240

12 Week Session – 3 Payments of $1200 each. Payment one due at time of registration. Payment two due at beginning of 5th week and final payment due at beginning of 9th week.

6 Week Session – 2 Payments of $1800 each. Payment one due at time of registration. Payment two due at beginning of 4th week.

4 Week Session – 2 Payments of $1800 each. Payment one due at time of registration. Payment two due at the beginning of the 3rd week.


This private class timeline is more custom taking into account that we are traveling to you. If you are in another state or more than an hours travel time and we travel to you then it is best to keep the five-day, all day schedule of our group sessions.

If you are close to Raleigh, then we could break it up into multiple sessions that would be determined based on our schedule.

Both options would include the cost of tuition as well as travel expenses (see below).

$5400 USD plus travel expense

Contact us at 919-323-9780 or for more information.

TRAVEL EXPENSES AS FOLLOWS: If more than 50 miles from Raleigh, NC

  • .75 per mile if driven; or
  • Coach class plane ticket for non-stop including all fees
  • Car rental $60/day if traveling by plane
  • Hotel (if needed) $200/day
  • $100 meals per diem when applicable

***We understand how important your privacy is and that many of our customers do not wish to have it made know to the general public via social media or any other method, that they are training with us. For that reason we want to assure you that YOUR PRIVACY is a PRIORITY and of utmost importance to us. Rest assured that we will keep your training and relationship with us CONFIDENTIAL!***

Finishing School Group Training Dates