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We Currently Are Not Accepting New Applicants To Our Professional Training Courses

The Royal American Polished Professional Training is for both men and women, perfect for recent college graduates, business executives and career professionals.

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Polished Professional Curriculum

Royal American Etiquette Training and Consulting group classes are trained locally in Raleigh.

Below is a list of the curriculum taught during our Polished Professional Training.  For Private Bespoke Professional Etiquette Instructions we can customize by creating a program specific to your wants and needs.  You may choose from the list below or discuss with us a need that is not yet represented that we may be able to provide.  We are always expanding our ever-growing list of subjects taught. For private training please contact us at 919-323-9780 or email us at

  • Business Dining Etiquette, both American and Continental 
  • Introductions (Who do you introduce first? etc.)
  • How To Make Yourself Stand Out Among the Competition
  • Greetings and Handshakes
  • Posture and Deportment in Business
  • Professional Image, Grooming and Attire

*The Royal American Academy reserves the right to change up curriculum as they see fit without notice.

  • Cocktail Party Etiquette and Corporate Networking
  • Email, Phone and Correspondence Etiquette
  • Name and Diplomatic Protocol
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Meeting and Conference Call Etiquette
  • Professional Conversational Voice Training
  • Making a Toast and Speeches
  • Professional Body Language

Polished Professional Group Training

Royal American Polished Professional is taught by the method of learn, apply and practice with expert feedback.  We want to be certain that when you leave at the end of your two days with us, you are a better, more polished version of the person you were when you arrived.

For this reason, this program is not offered online.  As many of us have found out through the past year, it is not the most effective method of teaching.  This is an interactive program where you practice what we teach you and you receive feedback from us to continue perfecting and polishing your newly acquired skills. Nothing can replace the hands-on practice and the constant feedback that makes for amazing progress.

$725 USD *

**Group classes are limited to 24 people

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